No Challenge EP

by My Turn To Win

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Forming in 2004 from the South Jersey and Philadelphia hardcore scenes, MY TURN TO WIN has brought a fresh, infectious, intensity back to the hardcore sound and a prodding, thought-provoking message to the hardcore ideal. MTTW rock traditional hardcore, contemporary hardcore, and melodic hardcore into one poignant mix of uplifting sounds. MTTW make one remember what hardcore meant in the first place.

"MY TURN TO WIN’s five song EP No Challenge is a swift, bulked-up pounding of ferocious hardcore. Slightly metallic hardcore mated with huge gang vocals, growly, but sing-along friendly lead vocals, passionate, smart lyrics, and a cruise-ship thick sound quality..." -


released February 9, 2010

No Challenge was recorded October 2009 at Sound Of Revolution by Len Carmichael.
Recorded and Produced by Len Carmichael.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
My Turn to Win is: Dave, Jess, Mark, Len and Justin.
All music and lyrics by My Turn to Win.
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Track Name: Pull Yourself Together

somethings wrong and you're to blame
that heart of gold's to heavy to hold anyway
no foundation
no peace
no quiet
no release
you say you've got an axe to grind with me?
you can save your reasons why - cause i disagree.
callous and anxious.
you've had the hardest fall
and i don't care how the view from the top is, cause that position's dead and gone.
i think the only difference between us that we can both agree
is we handle the same situations, to varying degrees
pull yourself together
cant bear the weight on your own.
without a lesson to learn you'll pound the nails on your own
work smarter
not harder, and pull yourself together
work smarter
not harder, and pull yourself together
Track Name: Goliath
2. GOLIATH (with Dave G from Outlast)

no ones holding on while youre breaking down
we're not waiting for the cycle to again begin
and you got all the answers you demanded and you're first to the exit
you've hit the door running. youve fallen for these traps before
i can not, will not be around when you second guess
I cannot, will not be around when you're breaking your rules

setting yourself up so high for disappointment
well what am i?

bruised, but alive.

when you're just crawling along.
can you finish what you started?
a small man
a narrow mind so filled with hate
small man, a narrow mind, you hang your head so low.
you wanna cut me down?
i wont be pushed around, I'm pushing right back.

same old shit you try to sell
i know these old tricks so well.
and still the cycle, it starts again
Track Name: Song Titles

middle of the road
you always take the safest path or course
wouldn't challenge the opinions of anyone.
no inner peace so you're grasping at straws.
whats expected of you?
because your heart and your mind are in chains,
and your vision is blocked.
a brick fucking wall.
and whats the point, when you cant see the use?
and its not worth the fight.
things didnt go as well as you planned and if you're backing out now, you arent living at all.
do you need something, to put your mind at ease?
if theres no love then what the fuck's the point? cant pull yourself up now.
where do you go?
where do we go
where do we go from here?
i cant wrap my brain around it, i think you've lost it all.
you need something, to put your mind at ease?
no challenge
easy to swallow?
someone else's act to follow.
you find an easy commitment
well you can see why i would disagree.
when did you sign up for this
when did you sign up for this
Track Name: Everything I Wanna Say Kill Your Idols Already Said, Better

say what i mean and mean what i say
this negative outlook is fucking crazy
no tomorrow. everything today
im making headway - its taking ages
crawling up from the bottom now
another voice drowned in the crowd
ive got a number, a card and a name but how i wanna feel different when we're all the same
motivation, a set of reasons.
determination is sweat and bleeding.
i wanna make it i wanna make it i wanna make it now
i wanna make it i wanna make it i wanna make it count
everything i wanna say someone screamed it already
everything i wanna say someone screamed it better
make the most of your time
get the most from life
its a state of mind
im losing patience. my outlooks changing and im hating every word.
Track Name: Hardcore Circa 2009

its nothing new.
stealing from the old, the tried and true.
you're not an open book
wont bring the world to it's knees.
the blank page where the truth can be seen
but don't hesitate. dont relax or settle for less
dont lose that mindset - be a sight to see
fever pitch. in to deep with music and a message that you don't believe.
i've heard all these words before, you're resting on your laurels and begging for more
don't hesitate. you've settled for less.
no. you lost that mindset.
you're no sight to see.
there's just no room left - we've been down this road before
lend me an ear before you're too detached and i close the door
you're slogans don't mean shit to me, 'its my choice for the world to see'
and i don't care about your cause of the week
and I don't care if you're 'nailed to the x'
and i don't care about your feelings toward god.
you love your labels, i hear rattling chains of speech